Birthday Webpart

Expanding the SharePoint Online toolset

SharePoint Online web parts are a beneficial addition to the software’s basic toolset. Web parts for SharePoint Online improve web functionality in many respects, by introducing versatility and inter-combinability. The customisable user experience achieved through web part add-ins allows companies to improve information accuracy and teamwork strategies, as well as encourage employee engagement.

Increase engagement with our Birthday Web Part

Our Birthday Web Part is a self-maintaining add-on for SharePoint Online. Through automation, our the web part extracts all O365 user information and populates it in a customisable interface, incorporating user profile pictures. Our Birthday Web Part web part is an excellent tool for increasing employee engagement and developing a company culture, as staff can wish their coworkers on their birthdays and celebrate with them.


Benefits of Birthday Web Part:

Customisable visual display (Colours, columns & user information)

Quick to deploy

Clickable link to view employee’s Delve Profile

Customisable ranges (Can include future and past birthdays)

Mobile responsive